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Family FAQs

1. How does FindMyNannyOnline work?

FindMyNannyOnline.com is an online nanny classifieds database designed to assist families in finding the best nannies. There is a registration fee to you as a family and nanny screening via background checks is available for an additional charge. FindMyNannyOnline.com is a sensible alternative to an expensive nanny agency.

2. How much does it cost to use your internet nanny agency services?

To start receiving contact information there are alternate packages to choose from:
$ 99.99 - receives contact information for 30 days
$129.99 - receives contact information for 60 days
$159.99 - receives contact information for 90 days

3. Can I preview the nanny classifieds database before I register?

Yes, take the opportunity to preview nannies before you register. All nannies on the "free nanny search" are current nannies looking for nanny employment. By entering your state, the system will pull-up nannies in your area.

4. How do I contact a nanny?

Contact is made through email or you may reach the nanny by phone if you have a current membership.

5. How do I apply to find a nanny?

Go to FindMyNannyOnline.com and click on "Sign Up". After clicking "Family Sign Up", you will be asked to register with your information, and choose your membership plan. You will also be asked to describe your specific needs. You may then search by detailed characteristics, including live-in or live-out, full-time, part-time or temporary.

6. Who is responsible for the nanny’s transportation to the job?

This is something that is negotiable between each family and nanny.

7. Where do your nannies come from?

FindMyNannyOnline.com nannies come from all over the U.S. Our nanny classifieds database is growing rapidly!

8. I have been a previously registered member. Is my past information saved?

Yes. You will be prompted to renew your registration when you login if your registration has expired.

9. What type of duties are nannies willing to do?

These are variable upon your needs, but the general responsibilities include: childcare, light housekeeping, grocery shopping, errands, driving, laundry and meal preparation.

10. Are the nannies CPR/First Aid certified?

This varies with each nanny. If a nanny is not certified, many families will have them obtain certification before or after they arrive on the job.

11. What kind of salary should I expect to pay a nanny?

Nanny salaries vary across the country. Following is a general guideline of the weekly wage you could expect to pay a nanny for an average of 40-50 hours per week with 1 or 2 children in their care. These are just guidelines. Local job markets, locations, expected duties and live-in or live-out situations will cause wages to vary. Part-time nannies are usually paid an hourly rate ranging from $8-$14/hour. Younger candidates with minimal experience (less than 2 years verifiable childcare experience) $250-$350/week; candidates with some college education and more extensive childcare experience-$350-$500/week; a college degree in a child related field and/or 2 or more years of past nanny experience - $350-$700+/week.

12. How long does the process take?

This varies for each individual family. Some families will hire the first nanny they contact and others will contact several nannies before making a decision. We suggest you continue searching until you feel you’ve found an appropriate match.

13. Are nannies allowed to contact families?

Both nannies and families are allowed to contact each other. You will be contacted by registered nannies only. The majority of the nannies will contact you via email and then by phone. If you are not interested in a particular nanny, it is best to let them know as soon as possible.

14. How do I conduct nanny screening?

FindMyNannyOnline.com is an online site and does not pre-screen the families or the nannies. Several steps should be taken in screening a nanny. You will want to ask a lot of questions to make sure you find the right match. Sample interview questions and a sample reference check form are available once you are a registered member. You will want to perform reference checks on the nanny, contacting past employment and childcare references. For younger candidates, we also suggest speaking with the nanny’s parents prior to employment. Your instincts are the best tool for choosing a nanny. Our information center also contains a link to assist you in researching the criminal history and driving record of a nanny.

15. How long will my account remain active?

The membership package that you choose will determine the length of time your registration will remain active.

16. Can I do my own nanny screening by running background checks on nannies?

Yes! An online investigation service is available to conduct background checks such as criminal records, driving records, social security checks, drug testing, etc.

17. How do I interview a nanny?

A lot of families will interview nannies over the phone and some choose to conduct personal interviews. It is also acceptable for a family to request a nanny for a trial period; a day or even a week, to see if it is the right match for both parties.

18. Is there any screening of the nannies by FindMyNannyOnline.com?

FindMyNannyOnline.com is an online nanny classifieds database, therefore, there is no nanny screening done on the nannies. You as a family have access to the Online Investigation Service to run any type of nanny screening you feel needs to be done.

19. How long does a nanny's account remain active?

A nanny's account will remain active for 45 days.

20. Are nannies willing to relocate to my area?

Yes. Nannies are located throughout the United States and are often willing to relocate to your area. The nanny’s profile will reflect his/her desired location.

21. Will there be a contract between the nanny and family?

A printable nanny contract can be accessed by the family once you are a registered member. A nanny contract serves as an excellent communication tool to thoroughly outline the position and compensation involved.

22. How do I change information on my application?

Login on the “Login” page and change the information. You can then use the submit button to save the changes.

23. How do I know if nannies are still available?

Nannies registrations stay active for 45 days. Nannies should delete their registration once they have found a nanny job or are no longer looking. They may also contact us and we will delete it for them. However, occasionally you will find a nanny that forgot to delete their registration. At that point, we do encourage you to contact us and we will delete the nanny's profile.

24. Once I hire a nanny or am no longer looking, should I delete my profile?

We recommend deleting your profile once you have hired your nanny.

25. How do I delete my profile?

Log into For Families and click on Family Profile. Click on “Delete Profile” to remove your information.

26. I have contacted several nannies and have received little response.

Our #1 recommendation is to contact a nanny via phone if you are having little success via email. If there is no phone number available, contact FindMyNannyOnline.com and we will follow up with them.

27. Can www.FindMyNannyOnline.com save me money?

Yes! Hiring a nanny through a newspapers or traditional nanny agency can cost you bundles. Using a sensible alternative like FindMyNannyOnline.com can save you thousands of dollars.

Nanny FAQs

1. How does FindMyNannyOnline.com work?

FindMyNannyOnline.com is a service that is free of charge for the nannies. We do ask that you respond to the families once they contact you. Please keep your registration updated.

2. How do I find a family?

First, you will need to complete your application. You must have a valid email address in order to search for families. Once we review your application, it will be available for families to review. You will use your password and email address to login and search for families.

3. Where do the families come from?

Families from all over the United States register with FindMyNannyOnline.com to search for their ideal nanny.

4. Is there an age requirement for being a nanny?

We recommend a minimum age of 18 with a high school diploma or GED.

5. Am I required to be CPR/First Aid certified to be hired for a nanny job?

The majority of families require that their nanny be CPR/First Aid certified. If you are not, most families will ask that you get the certification before, or shortly after you start your nanny job.

6. Is the family responsible for the nanny’s transportation to her nanny job?

The majority of families will require that the nanny has her own vehicle to arrive to and from work. Many families will provide a vehicle for use during work hours. This is all negotiated between nanny and family.

7. What are some of the typical duties that nannies are expected to perform?

Duties will depend on each family’s wants and needs. Most nannies will perform duties such as picking up after the children, preparing meals and snacks for the children, child laundry, errands, and shopping. Duties are negotiable between nanny and family.

8. What is the nanny salary range?

Nanny salary will depend on experience and qualifications. Many nannies work 40-50 hours/week. Salaries tends to range from $8 to $14/hour. Weekly salaries range from $350 to $700+. Part-time positions range from $250 to $350/week.

9. Will a family run a background check on me?

The majority of families will conduct a nanny screening by running a criminal background check on you. After all, you are caring for their most prized possessions -- their children.

10. Can I contact the families?

Yes, nannies are able to contact the families, and the families can contact the nannies. If you are not interested in a position, please be polite and let them know that you are not interested.

11. Can I screen a family?

FindMyNannyOnline.com does not pre-screen families. Be sure to ask the family a lot of questions and contact some of their references. Please be aware of nanny scams. Do not conduct any business on behalf of a family that you are not familiar with. Many scams, including financial transactions, target the online nanny industry.

12. What type of questions can I ask the family?

You can ask the family any questions you may have. Some typical questions asked are: What duties will you require? What hours/days will I be required to work? What salary can I expect? Will you provide a car for me to drive during work hours? Will you require that I be CPR/First Aid certified? Have you hired a nanny before?

13. How long will my account remain active?

Your account will remain active for 45 days.

14. Can I change information on my online application?

Yes, you will make the changes to your profile and click submit to save the changes.

15. Should I remove my application once I find a position?

Yes, please remove your application once you have found a position and have accepted the job.

16. How do I remove my application?

Log into For Nannies and click on Update Your Profile. Click on “Delete Profile” to remove your information.

17. How long will the process of finding a great position take?

The length of time varies from nanny to nanny. Some nannies find matches right away, others may take more time to find the “right match.” Please be sure that you feel you are a good match before accepting a position.


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